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South Australia Wine Tradeshow in Vitenam 2022


In 2022, GEM Solution organized a groundbreaking wine trade show, introducing South Australian wineries to Vietnam. With over 150 visitors from diverse industries, this event provided a key entry point for Australian wine brands into Vietnam. Supported by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission in Vietnam, the show fostered collaborations between the markets and educated Vietnamese consumers about the diversity of Australian wines. GEM Solution's success highlighted its dedication to fostering Australian-Southeast Asian market collaboration, laying a strong foundation for lasting bilateral partnerships beyond showcasing wines.

The 3rd annual Investment & Trade Expo

On November 1st, we hosted our 3rd annual Investment & Trade Expo at Kent Town Hotel. It was a day filled with innovation, connections, and achievements, and we couldn't have done it without your incredible support.

Thank you for being a part of our thriving community and making this expo an outstanding triumph. We look forward to more opportunities for growth and collaboration in the future. Stay tuned for what's next!

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HARVEST DISCOVERY for South Australian Wine 2023 Itinerary

Highlighting a showcase of more than 50 wine labels across 10 renowned brands, our event established invaluable connections between wineries and over 150 industry professionals, importers, and distributors. This gathering provided essential insights; feedback on brand interest underscored a clear market demand for Australian wines, particularly those hailing from South Australia.

As part of the evening program, GEM collaborated with KHOI, an esteemed Hanoi restaurant, to curate an unforgettable 'Wine & Dine' networking dinner. This exclusive affair celebrated the enduring 50-year relationship between Australia and Vietnam. Pairing exquisite South Australian wines with Vietnamese cuisine, the event delighted the palates of 50 VIP guests, including esteemed representatives from both Australian and Vietnamese importers.

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