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Chinese Social Media Marketing


     Chinese social media platforms are a must-have for businesses targeting the Chinese community in Australia. By leveraging these platforms, Australian businesses can easily connect with Chinese customers, who heavily rely on social media for more than just staying connected with family and friends. They also use social media to discover new products, services, and brands, and often consider it their primary source of information when making purchasing decisions. This is particularly true for new immigrants, students, and mothers who make up a significant portion of the Chinese community in Australia.


TikTok International Fulfillment

TikTok is a video-based social media network owned by Chinese company ByteDance. Launched in 2016, the company gained popularity in Western countries in 2018, and by October of 2020 had achieved 2 billion downloads of its app worldwide. GEM provides full services on the Tiktok platform for Australian brands access to the global market.

  • TikTok Paid Marketing and Advertisements

  • KOL Marketing

  • Content Development

  • Livestreaming


Little Red Book Market

Little Red Book (LRB), also known as Xianghongshu in Chinese, has become one of the most favored online shopping platforms among Chinese consumers, particularly millennials. It integrates social networking and e-commerce to create a seamless platform where users can share their product reviews, shopping experiences, and lifestyle stories while shopping for a diverse range of products. This will allow you to reach millions of potential customers and benefit from the high-quality content, user-generated reviews, and influencer marketing that LRB is known for.

  • Content Development

  • KOL & KOC Marketing

  • Live-streaming

  • Paid Marketing and Advertirment


Alibaba - TMALL Global

As a third-party service partner and supplier of Tmall Global, one of the most popular and trusted online shopping platforms in China, GEM specialises in allocating online resources to help small and medium-sized Australian businesses access it in a cost-effective and direct manner.


Account Setup  & Optimisation

Creating and optimising social media accounts on different platforms to increase visibility and attract more followers.


provides Australian businesses with a range of functions to reach Chinese customers, build brand awareness, and deliver personalised information


providing opportunities to showcase products creatively, engage with a younger audience, and leverage influencer marketing

Little Red Book

has a considerable impact on the purchasing decisions of Chinese consumers in Australia, particularly in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

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